Airwheel self balancing electric unicycle went to Thailand as an exhibitor of Commart Fair

Days ago, Commart Fair took place in Thailand on 19th March, 2015. A large number of exhibitor attended this 4-day-long exhibition and thousands of visitors swarmed into the festival occasion. Airwheel Thailand team also joined Commart Fair as one of the exhibitors, displaying its lines of X-series, Q-series and S-series. Airwheel had been acting as a focus of the exhibition before the exhibition came to an end.

s lines enjoy more potential for users to discover. Models such as Q-series and the intelligent self-balancing scooter S3 see a bright and unlimited future. Believably, Airwheel’

Airwheel Q5 electric unicycle, A Whizzy New Technology in 2015

The electric self-balancing scooter has become the trendiest personal transporter. Among various electric scooter brands, Airwheel obviously excels as the favorite with its marvelous maneuverability and stylish design. As the latest model in Airwheel family, the Airwheel Q5 is adored by Airwheel fans with its upgraded motherboard and extended color option.

Apart from the excellent casing, the interior parts of Airwheel also boast of top-notch technology. The Q5 model is powered by a Japan-made Li-ion battery. This kind of battery can be recharged for over 1800 times and features three times longer life span than an ordinary lithium battery which is often used by manufacturers of many other brands. Highly re-chargeable as it is, the battery used by Airwheel is extremely reliable and can guarantee your safety. You never have to worry about it getting on fire or explosion as some inferior batteries prevalently used in the personal transport market.

An overall look at the prospect of the Airwheel intelligent self-balance scooter

Had you lived 3 years ago, the intelligent scooter would not be known to you at all. Yet, in the last 2 years, the intelligent scooter has been gradually catching on worldwide. You might have not witness it, but at least, you must have heard of its name or viewed it on a website. The fact reveals that the intelligent scooter is frequently spotted in lots of cities both at home and overseas. Especially, the young who are keen to fashion and novelty are rather obsessed with the intelligent scooter.

The intelligent scooter is not only used as a personal transporter or recreational gear, but also comes into service in various fields. In sports, for instance the tennis and golf, it is universally applied. In trade fairs, staff members usually ride on it about. It realises wide application for an eco-friendly commute style. Similar to the other Airwheel intelligent scooter, it is powered by a lithium battery core with no emission. But for this considerate design, some hard-line environmentalists would have flatly refused it.

An overall look at the development of the Airwheel electric unicycle

In the section as a whole, the design of the electric unicycle abides by the principles, portability, eco-friendly feature and easiness to learn. On one side, from this prospective, the electric unicycle will keep a high momentum in the near future. These principles, particularly eco-friendly feature, will guide the development of the electric unicycle. On the other side, out of competition and the pursuit of business profit, there are a lot of competitors to crop up in this sector. In the light of both sides, anyone who intends to be competitive in this sector should make a difference by further innovation and ground-breaking technique to dominate the market.

Airwheel electric monocycle is creating a new type of future commute

Some commuters may spend a lot of time on waiting for the bus or metro. But when the bus or metro arrives, the bus or metro is typically so formidably crowded that passengers must make efforts to elbow their way to embark on the cramped bus or metro. Maybe these people are quite jealous of those who drive to work without bearing the cramped bus or metro. Fortunately, the fact is the opposite. Those who drive to work have their own concern.

In the rush hour, the traffic congestion is rather common, which usually held those up. They are supposed to either get up earlier at the expense of sleeping time so as not to be late for work, or waste a lot of time on the road at the risk of being late. When they get off work, the concern repeatedly arises. The concern about commute seems to beset almost all commuters, if we put aside few who live near the workplace and walk to work every day. To our relief, the self-balance unicycle by Airwheel come out to relieve such concern.

What technologies put Airwheel mini electric scooter on the map?

It is years since Airwheel launched its first model. In the market, Airwheel is rather popular with peoples of all ages and all walks of life. However, do you have an in-depth knowledge about it?
Each model of Airwheel is mounted with a warning system. Once the tilting protection is activated, the buzzer will launch long beeps and the LED indicator on the power button will flash on end. The control system will stop you from further accelerating by beeping and rising the front end of pedal.

Airwheel Q3 2-wheeled electric scooter, the Craziest Form of Transport

Abstract: As the latest model of Airwheel, Airwheel Q3 has dual wheels that offer a better riding stability. Its customized night riding set allows you to have night riding. With Airwheel Q3, you'
s about to transform the way we travel, because it can get you to your destination quicker than your legs and give you a literal feeling of floating. Hairbrained as it might seem, controlling the Airwheel is actually simple. To steer it, you just have to lean forward or backward while standing on pedals. The intelligent gyro system can sense the tilting signal and make the device go at the expected direction. When you come off it, it deactivates the gyro to stop the wheels spinning. Once mastered, the Airwheel is a huge amount of fun. You can ride Airwheel on different terrains as you wish. Wherever you ride with Airwheel Q3, you are sure to be the center of attention.

Airwheel Goes Trendy As Malaysia Promoted the “Car Free Morning”

Recently, Airwheel successfully made a sensation in Malaysian as the host of Ini Malam Kita Punya, a talk show broadcasted every Friday night on Malaysia’
s mooted by Kuala Lumpur mayor and introduced in January to promote a greener city and reduce global warming. Though traditional bicycles can be a zero-emission transporter, Airwheel obviously better caters the expectations of many commuters, as it is fun and fashionable in addition to efficient and eco-friendly.

Airwheel adults electric scooter UK Tour in Action

Abstract: As Airwheel is becoming a global trend, Airwheel adults electric unicycle riders went to streets of Cardiff, Manchester and Brighton of UK to promote a fun alternative means of transport and a new lifestyle.

Airwheel is such a futuristic device. Actually, science and technology is headed in this direction and towards that mode of transport. Airwheel defines the future commute concept. The Airwheel adults electric unicycle UK tour intends to extend this fun and eco-friendly device to more people and the Airwheel riders were trying to introduce to the public a new lifestyle. They were doing this by sending out booklets and questionnaires to pedestrians who were interested in the Airwheel as well.